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About me

I am an undergraduate of university of Moratuwa, Sri  Lanka. I could see a thread about forex in a latest community forum around May, 2011. Then I opened a demo account an I traded on demo only about few days because It was profitable and then I was very happy and opened a real account investing 30USD. It was profitable in first few days and then I had a margin call and finally I lost all the money within a week. So I was disappointed and I tried again by investing another 120USD. But It was about two weeks that I could trade and again I lost. But I am happy to say that it was not the end and it was the beginning of my trading life. Then I started trading on my demo account and I searched for forex in every where. I read articles, watched youtube videos about forex, read valuable ebooks. I spent a lot of time of the day for learning this. After a period of hard work I could trade on demo account without loosing that much. But still demo is not that profitable for me but i have seen a growth of my trading tactics and trading discipline. But still I am learning and also I need much more experiences.Through this blog I hope to give my trading experiences ,valuable tips and some successful trading strategies that worked for me. So never give up when you loose and be courageous because all the successful professional traders have lost in many amounts early in their trading life. “Biggest looser becomes the biggest winner” remember this well and don’t be upset if you have lost early stay with me….. we will try to win this big game.


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