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Forex Patterns & Probabilities by Ed Ponsi

October 18, 2011
Forex Patterns & Probabilities by Ed Ponzi

After loosing my money at the second time, I stopped trading on my real account and I read articles about people who became successful in forex trading to get to know their opinions on forex market and their experiences. I could find that lot of professional traders has recommended this book to read. So I downloaded it and started reading. While reading this book I could understand how valuable it is and I read it to the end without doing anything. Really I could learn a lot of things that are unable to learn even doing several months of trading. There were good strategies, entering and exiting techniques, specific chart patterns and a lot of valuable stuff. It really changed my trading style and thinking methods about market. So I recommend all the beginners to read this book beginning to the end and it never becomes a time wasting. You can easily find this book. So please read this if you want to be a successful trader one day.

  1. One of the most important pieces of information that a Forex (or Foreign Exchange) trader needs is a reliable entry signal, which tells when the market is ready for trading. There is no such thing as a perfect indicator, and for a novice in this market, this can mean trouble. It is indeed a hard lesson to learn, and if the individual is not careful as well, the loss of his account is probably guaranteed.

    • Yes that is really true a lot of experiences and patience needed to be profitable in forex

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